Ryan Brü

About Me

I’m Ryan Brü, an advocate for gay fiction. My purpose is to help novelists write faster and better by supplying them with plot outlines. Not only do my products ensure consistency in creative writing, but they also serve as a great learning tool.

I pore over the bestsellers in gay fiction to provide authors with formulas for success in plot development. Unlike generic templates, I conduct an accurate analysis by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. My plot outlines guide novelists from idea to finished draft so they don’t struggle with writer’s block.

My passion for writing began when I won my first literary contest at the age of thirteen. Since then, literature has had many functions in my life, from pure escapism to a vehicle for personal growth. It’s my favorite hobby, and nothing makes me happier than staying at home with a book in my hands.

Being a bookish introvert has paid off because my work and accomplishments have led to numerous honors. For instance, my adapted screenplay won first place at a college film festival. I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in communications. My research project received the Meritorious Thesis Award, and my books became bestsellers in LGBTQ+ Mystery.

Therefore, I’ve come to recognize literature as my true calling. I love to share my expertise with other authors, especially those who want to succeed in writing gay fiction. It’s for them that I strive to be analytical, creative, and insightful.

Ryan Brü Ryan Brü